• Automatic Equipments
  • Automatic Equipments

Function introduction:

1. The automatic production line is used for the automatic assembly of radiator hardware components, online CCD detection, online labeling, online inkjet, etc. 

The production line has the functions of automatic operation control, automatic feeding, automatic installation of spring gasket and other hardware, automatic on-line CCD detection of material leakage and poor processing, on-line automatic labeling, automatic on-line sorting, on-line code spraying, etc.

2. PLC + industrial computer control, reasonable structure design, intelligent monitoring, high efficiency, and reliability. At the same time, it can be applied to a variety of similar radiators, and 40 programs can be stored inside. When replacing products, only the corresponding programs can be called out to produce, and the efficiency of line changing can be improved.

The efficiency of the machine can reach 150 pcs per hour equal to 12 people's working hours.

The product has strong adaptability and slight modification. It can realize the automatic assembly of various radiator hardware components, on-line CCD detection, on-line labeling, on-line inkjet, and so on.