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Automatic Equipment Industry

Automatic Equipment IndustryAutomotive Machined Parts

Savant has been developing and manufacturing experience in the Automotive Machined Parts industry for over 10 years. We have constantly changed our engineering, quality, and production capabilities to meet the Automotive industry’s development speed, We can produce a series of parts from wheel axle, filter element, rock shaft, inspection facilities to components of the automotive aftermarket, based on different materials from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. We well know that the automotive industry is very high quality to our daily life during driving, so we have to ensure the quality requirement for each of the parts before shipment.

Automotive Machining Parts

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

Savant’s Automotive sheet metal fabrication parts main takes, Electronic system, interior parts, etc. from single parts, facilities built to low-volume production. Savant has an excellent team to work with your projects for each of the details, keep updated you on each stage, make your projects smooth, We have used DFAM and PFAM for all of the projects, make details analyze before machining, In order to achieve product appearance and standard, we have to make secondary finishing process for parts to our customers.

Finishing Services and Low-volume Manufacturing

In order to meet our customers ‘ requested to make a good product appearance, Savant provides parts finishing services such as powder coating, polishing, heat treating or color anodizing, etc after the machining process, these are completed under our strictly standard, make your project better.

Also, Savant offers low-volume manufacturing for your projects after your prototype completed, will fast delivery them to you for assembling testing, we do the best one-stop services here, whatever your orders quantities are single set or 30 sets or more 200 sets, Savant can complete them for you quickly.

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