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Communication Industry

Communication IndustryCommunications Products Machined Parts

Savant has fully utilized its capabilities and state-of-the-art CNC machining services in IT for communications products machined parts such as Pedestal parts, Tracking system, Antenna, Reception devices to Portable control unit. Savant has rapid prototype manufacturing and Low-volume manufacturing running advantage for you. We take CNC machining parts, sheet metal fabrication, and 2nd finishing services to support your communications products. Savant has taken maximum operational flexibility and minimum single prototype support services, make a quick turnover to your projects.

Aluminum Enclosed Machined Parts

Communications Products Sheet Metal Fabrication

Savant takes communications products sheet metal fabrication manufacturing in house. Our current communications products cover mobile satellite communication products machined parts from main features parts, RF features, Antenna components to Outdoor Unit, We have used different metal materials with aluminum sheets, stainless steel sheet, etc. Whatever your parts are single parts, tooling built too small lots of production than mass production. Savant has an excellent team to work with your projects for details, keep updated you on each stage, make your projects smooth.

Finishing Services and Low-volume Manufacturing

In order to achieve product aesthetic, Savant provides parts finishing services such as powder coating, polishing, heat treating, or color anodizing, Alodine after machining process, these are completed under our strictly standard, make your project better.

Also, Savant offers low-volume manufacturing for your projects after your prototype completed, will fast delivery them to you for capture marketing, we do best one-stop services here, whatever your orders quantities are single set or 30 sets or more 200 sets, Savant can complete them for you quickly.

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