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Liquid Cooling System Functional Testing Equipment

  • new energy vehicles
  • liquid cooling modules for servers
  • liquid cooling modules for the energy storage industry

1. This testing equipment mainly consists of a water cooling system, a high-pressure water circulation system, a flow, pressure, and temperature monitoring system, a high-pressure gas testing system, and a control system.

2. The testing equipment is controlled by PLC, and in conjunction with the data acquisition module, various data in the testing system are collected and calculated through PLC. The product testing results are automatically judged and output, and can be connected to the upper computer for report data output.

3. This testing equipment is mainly used for testing the heat dissipation function, flow rate, flow resistance, airtightness, and other functions of the electric drive module of new energy vehicles, the liquid cooling module of servers, and the liquid cooling module of the energy storage industry.

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