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Mobile Phone Maintenance Station Inspection Fixture

  • For all kinds of smart phone production line test and mobile phone maintenance center

1. This machine is a semi-automatic test of mobile phone function. According to the user's requirements, the test modules of different stations are integrated, and the function test is carried out by switching different modules through software control three-axis positioning (positioning accuracy is 0.02mm), which saves space and user cost.

2. The fixture adopts X -, Y -, and z-axis modules for three-axis positioning, with higher and more accurate positioning accuracy and fast operation speed, which can be used for positioning products and identifying products.

3. Use the positive and negative pole principle of magnet to automatically identify each mobile phone carrier, that is, before testing the mobile phone, put the corresponding carrier into the device, and the system will automatically identify. The operator only needs to select which test function, and can test without selecting the model.

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